Learn how to craft paradigm-shifting Big Ideas

Explore what lights up an audience, what puts them to sleep, and what moves people to act

  • Identify your own Idea Worth Sharing

  • Deconstruct the natural resistance people have to new ideas

  • Structure your idea to amplify connection and impact

  • Create an idea-journey audiences are excited by

Want to do TED but don't know what you'd talk about?

Sifting through possibilities is easier when you have an idea framework to follow

"I've been hovering around the idea of doing a TED Talk for years...but I have so many different ideas. I don't know which direction I should go in.

Before I go through the whole process of applying, I need to know if this idea is The One—for me and the audience.

I'm not a good judge of what's interesting to other people. What if something I think is brilliant is boring to them?"

–Anka H.


Everyone's biggest blindspot?

Forgetting that other people don't see the world like you do.

The biggest gap I've seen business leaders and TED speakers alike fall into is assuming other people are right there with you—thinking like you do, caring about what you care about.

Assumptions are connection killers. Until you get out of your head and start seeing your work from your audience's point of view, you'll lose them. They won't even hear you.

The Big Idea Accelerator exposes those gaps and shows you how to get on the same page as your people.

(Remember Ginger? She's your audience.)

What was the Accelerator like for you?

Put legs under your Big Idea so you can build momentum

Hey changemaker, visionary, paradigm shifter—you are here to create impact and make your slice of the world a better place. What Big Idea will inspire your people?

What is a Big Idea anyway?

Most topics don't start out as Ideas Worth Sharing—they have potential, but carry so much extra weight it's hard to tell. When you're inside your own head, you don't know what's too much, what's confusing, what's irrelevant. Ever heard the editorial phrase "kill your darlings?" Module one teaches you what's involved in crafting a lean, powerful idea and the kind of narrative details that turn off an audience.

Questions reveal possibilities and soften resistance. The second module questions common assumptions we have about ideas, and delivers mind-blowing epiphanies around resistance. Understanding and knowing how to work with the four "frictions" is powerful beyond words. In fact, this module alone may change everything for you, including speaking, sales, and marketing—even habits, relationships, and your own thinking.

Structuring an idea to make sure your audience can receive it is critical—so much so that I gave my idea-development methodology the acronym FRAME. You'll start framing your idea up in module three.

​It's challenging to have your message be heard in such a noisy marketplace. Our beautiful brains help us by tuning most of it out. This means if you're giving a talk or trying to reach customers, you need to help your people tune back in.

​How? Give your audience a map so they can follow you. For ideas, that map is called a throughline. You'll explore that in module four.

​Whether your desire is to land a powerful talk that changes minds, create business messaging that attracts new clients, or simply to turn a jumble of thoughts into a clear, beautiful presence you can step into—a runway you can take off from—the Big Idea Accelerator will turn the floodlights on for your big idea, big time.

Join us!

Kudos for the Big Idea Accelerator

“I’ve known I’ve wanted to do a TED Talk, but I didn’t know what I’d say. This process has shown me that I haven't really been standing in my power—thank you for helping me recognize this. Something is emerging that I've wanted to emerge for a long time. I know things. I know how to do this. I know this would feed my soul. Thank you!”

Carrie R.

“You’re helping me with so many things, like clarity, focus, and throughlines. One thing I really appreciate knowing is that I have to let certain things go to make sure what I say is receivable. All the concepts you're teaching that apply to TED are things I want to use everywhere.”

Katarina E.

“I felt it from you the whole way. You really have something in what you're doing. One thing that really struck me that was so brilliant was your spin on everybody's TED Talk. I love that you said go to the end and watch when the speaker does this. And you did what none of us would—we're not going to break the fricking TED Talks down. You are beyond genius. I’ve loved it, and even though I haven’t digested it all yet, it's there waiting for me. I know that just being in this class is my message to the universe that I care about this.”

Kim D.

“What an extraordinary experience the Big Idea Accelerator has been. I learned so much. Now, I am thinking about my content and how I deliver it in a new way. I love the clarity I gain when I work with Brynn!”

Jay S.

“The Big Idea Accelerator really sparked something in me. I went into it intrigued but without a clear idea of my own. I came out fully inspired by MY idea as well as by others'. The clear way Brynn teaches and the thoughtful conversations she led stimulated so much for me!”

Jessica B.

Meet Brynn

Brynn Breuner has spent her career helping visionary leaders and out-of-the-box entrepreneurs with their branding. She was deeply involved with TEDx for years, helping run the event and serving on an extraordinary speaker prep team working with speakers to develop, refine, and polish their talks. This unique background lets her spot the pearls and the pitfalls of your ideas in a hot second.

Brynn has a spidey sense ability to draw out the deeper unseen thoughts, connect dots, and find language for ideas you've worked so hard to develop but struggle to express. Visionaries and entrepreneurs who are ready to show up in their highest their value with clear, confident presence will love joining forces with her and making sparks fly.

Course Schedule

  • Self-Study Training Modules

    Mondays: March 13, 20, 27; April 10

    Training modules become available on mondays in Thinkific, and spaced to allow ample time to digest and implement. Modules are primarily short videos with occasional PDFs (when it helps clarify the material). Homework is exclusively for your own benefit, and consists of watching TED talks, doing a few exercises, and exploring and developing your own ideas.

  • Live Coaching Calls

    Two options available—Wed. afternoons and Fri. mornings

    A key part of this course is our live zoom calls that give you the the opportunity to go deeper in your own thinking, get questions answered, and enjoy the support of a community ready to take risks and push their own understanding.

    Check the schedule for all dates.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Optional, but awesome!

    Join our private FB group for more insights, epiphanies, and support.

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Course Schedule

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